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help with medical bills

ralph started this conversation

I am desperately looking for help regarding my medical bills from LAC + USC Medical Center...I have a bill for $12,164.00...I'm not working at the moment since my leg from the surgery isn't completely healed...but I am looking for a job. But the situation is even if I do get a job it's not going to be a high paying job, high enough to be paying a $12,164.00 bill, aside from the other bills that I will be taking care of and the necessities I need to live by. I REALLY NEED HELP...

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woman in a shoe   in reply to Gray...
U welcome
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Gray...   in reply to woman in a shoe
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Gray...
Hi the person u posted to not been on here sent 2007 sorry don't know of any place that give away a free car I have look a lot of help for people on here not seen one place that gives away a car good luck
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I need financial help have a son with brain injury in need of a vehicle with the electric lift and financial help if available. Son requires 24/7 care and financially am destitute please if possible. Thanks
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Sanna   in reply to jerry65
google cancer care co-pay assistance. They may be able to help with the drug co-pay, drug administration co-pay and office visit co-pay.
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crystalnightwolf   in reply to Cherries08
Your welcome. I've learned recently that if you type 'low income' then whatever area you are in, you can find a wealth of information. Even if the help isn't what you need, it may make it so you can shift money from one area to what you really need.
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Cherries08   in reply to crystalnightwolf
Thans for the information/ Im in Woodbridge Va or Prince William County. Thanks again and God Bless!!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Cherries08
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APierce811   in reply to Cherries08
DHS is the Department of Human Services also known as the Welfare office - health and human service commission, social services office,
etc ...
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crystalnightwolf   in reply to Cherries08

Type in the name of the medications you take and add the word rebate to the end of it on google to see what you can find that might help you. Hopefully you have kept all your receipts.

I checked your profile but couldn't see any area your from so I can only take pot shots in the dark to finding specific programs that might help you.
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Cherries08   in reply to woman in a shoe
Okay, thanks for the information. What is DHS, Im sure I have heard of it but dont remember. Thanks again and God Bless!!
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amanda3365   in reply to woman in a shoe
Read my post and see what I can do please auntie
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Cherries08
Type in need help city state u sure fine a lot of help if u don't see what u want just call one of them and see if they can help u. Also call 211 and see if they can give u a place that can help u good luck. All u got 2 kid do u get anything from DHS if not try and see if they can help u good luck
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Im a mother of two boys (3 yr old in Feb and a 14 month old) and struggling with everything due to having many medical issues such as fibromyalgia, chronic back and hip pain, osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome etc. and unable to work and currently waiting for a hearing for disability. I have insurance premiums of 180.00, prescriptions of about 200.00 or more monthly , gas for vehicle, copayments of about 100.00 to 130.00 monthly, cellphone bill of 50.00 monthly and other past due bill of varies amounts ranging from 20.00 to 100.00 or more. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless!!
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That Girl
I have a bill for a 130,000 and need help on this bill help please.
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I am a single peerson who is 8 MONTHS PREGNANT AND COX hospital has hired lawyers to sue me for my hospital bill. I was not working for about two months and I GOT my job back only working 2 to 3 day a week. at 3.83 a hr. I am overwhelmed with bills and filled a form out with cox hospital seeking a grant to pay the bill. they said they would try to help me and I thought it was paid because I never heard anything else. now they sent me a letter to appear in court next month and I would really be thankful if I could get help to stop this. thank you.
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quepede   in reply to aerwinde
Find Todd White - check you tube - get him to pray healing to remove clot 'in the name of Jesus' GO!
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munalisa   in reply to PattiG51
tell them to send you the bill. You will then have about 4 months before they send you to collection if you don't make any payments. Slowly find charity companies to pay your bill. Even small amount will help.
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don't count on Medicaid. they make you jump through hoops then you still may not get any coverage. that is what I was put through. with all the govt budget cuts it is harder than ever to get help when you need it.
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69Goldie   in reply to holly4290
Medicaid at nothing!
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